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Single Window System For Loans

1. Coinshell helps to build robust financials for easy loans for Businesses PAN India
2. Business Loans from 10 lacs – 200 cr and above with us.
3. Seed Business Loans exclusive for Startups.

Eligibility criteria

1. Business should be registered as Pvt ltd company / One person company / LLP / Partnership firm
2. Recurring business of more than 5 lacs per month
3. Business age should be more than 2 years

Coinshell offers a single window solutions for business loans which helps businesses to meet their credit requirement.
Our Process gets ahead with below steps.

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Our Process

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Coinshell’s Single Window System for Loans is a streamlined approach that simplifies the loan application process. It provides businesses with a centralized platform to access various loan options, reducing complexities and ensuring a smoother borrowing experience.
Coinshell assists businesses by offering financial planning and analysis services. By creating accurate and well-structured financial statements, Coinshell helps businesses present a strong financial track record to potential lenders, improving their chances of securing loans.
Coinshell offers a wide range of Business Loans, spanning from 10 lakhs to 200 crores and even beyond. This diverse range ensures that businesses of various sizes and needs can find suitable loan options to support their growth.
Seed Business Loans are specifically designed for startups to provide them with initial financial support. These loans are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by startups in their early stages, helping them fund essential operations and growth initiatives.
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