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GST Registration: Your Pathway to Seamless Business Operations

GST Registration can be obtained by any type of person voluntarily irrespective of size. However, GST law mandate Registration for every person who is engaged in the exclusive supply of goods and his aggregate turnover exceeds Rs 40 lakh in a financial year. Earlier, the limit was 20 lakhs for a supplier of goods, and for north-eastern and hill states, the turnover threshold for GST registration is Rs. 20 lakhs.

Benefits of GST Return Filing

GST eliminates cascading effect

Earlier there were many instances where tax on tax was paid for a single transaction. As GST did away with several other taxes like central excise duty, service tax, customs duty, and state-level value-added tax, you no longer are subjected to paying tax on tax. This saves you money.

Higher threshold

The threshold for GST is aggregate turnover exceeding 40 lakhs for sale of goods and aggregate turnover exceeding 20 lakhs for sale of services. This means small businesses falling below this threshold limit are not subject to GST.

Easier for startups and e-commerce businesses

The GST system has made it easier for startups and e-commerce companies to manage their taxes. E-commerce particularly suffered from different tax laws across different states which are now eradicated by GST.

More organised system

Before GST the tax filing system was disorganised. Now, all taxes are paid online and major hassles that were a part of tax filing have been eliminated in the process of introducing GST.

Documents Required

Sole proprietor / Individual

LLP and Partnership Firms


Pricing and Plans



1. GST Registration
2. GST Filing for 3 months
3. Free training on GST
4. Sale Purchase record sheet



1. GST filing for 1 year
2. Free training on GST
3. Sales / Purchase record sheet
4. Sales / Purchase record sheet

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Our Process

Our Seamless Process for Tailored Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the registration process with COINSHELL is fully online, making it convenient and efficient for businesses to apply for GST registration from anywhere.
There is no specific deadline for GST registration. It is recommended to register as soon as your business crosses the turnover threshold or becomes liable for GST to avoid penalties.
The primary authorized signatory is an individual who is responsible for the GST registration application and authorized to perform various tasks on the GST portal on behalf of the business.
Yes, PAN (Permanent Account Number) is mandatory for obtaining GST registration. It is used for identity verification and to link your business with tax authorities.
GST registration is valid until it is canceled, surrendered, or suspended by the tax authorities. There is no fixed expiration date for GST registration.
No, the GST threshold limit varies for different states and union territories. For some states, the limit is Rs. 40 lakhs, while for others, it is Rs. 20 lakhs.
No, a person who is not registered under GST cannot collect GST from customers. GST can only be collected by registered businesses.
An E-way bill is an electronic document required for the movement of goods worth more than a specified value from one place to another. It ensures seamless movement of goods and helps track their movement.
E-way bills simplify the logistics and transportation process, reduce tax evasion, and provide a streamlined way to monitor and control the movement of goods.
The frequency of GST return filing depends on the type of registration and turnover of the business. Some businesses need to file monthly returns, while others file quarterly returns.
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