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Patent Registration for Innovation

Why Patent is needed ?

1. To reserve the right of novelty of invention or research in a process , design or method.
2. Patent gives an authenticity to the product and it’s use.
3. Patent works as an Intellectual Property Right for the inventor

How Patent Registration Works?

1. 7 checkpoints in preliminary stage
2. Dedicated support by experienced Patent Attorney
3. Provisional , Final and Fast Track Application ( Search , Draft , File )

Provisional Patent in India

A provisional patent application is a short-term patent application that is filed with the patent office. To obtain an early filing/priority date, it is advisable to file Provisional Patent Applications. This is justified by the fact that the Patent Law grants priority to first-to-file rather than first-to-invent. In order to easily obtain the key patent filing date, provisional patent applications are helpful.
The provisional patent is expected to be filed on the day of filing because the genuine patent must be submitted before the conclusion of the 12-month period. Additionally, you will still be protected by a patent even if someone else attempts to obtain a comparable patent after your creation. The application process is less difficult, quicker, and more cheap.

Know the Benifits of filing a Patent

A patent is a form of encouragement for innovations and inventions. Once an applicant is granted the patent, he or she becomes the exclusive owner of the invention or the idea
Filing a patent in India is important for a business as the patent restricts its competitors from copying, selling, or importing its intellectual property without prior permission.
Patents can be sold and licensed like other forms of property
A patent is just like any other intellectual property and can be transferred by the inventor
A patented product is likely to improve brand perception and potentially enable your business to charge a premium
With exclusive patient rights, the owner of the patent controls the use of the invention for twenty years or longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

A patent application can be filed by the inventor of an invention or by the assignee (an individual or entity to whom the inventor has transferred their rights). In some cases, multiple inventors can apply jointly.
A patent grants the inventor exclusive rights to their invention for a specified period, typically 20 years from the filing date. During this time, the inventor can prevent others from making, using, selling, or importing the patented invention without permission.
To obtain a patent registration, you need to follow these steps:
a. Conduct a patent search to ensure your invention is novel.
b. Prepare a detailed patent application with specifications and claims.
c. File the application with the relevant patent office.
d. Go through the examination process, which includes review for novelty, non-obviousness, and utility.
e. If approved, pay the required fees.
f. Once granted, your patent is registered.
In most cases, a patent registration is valid for 20 years from the date of filing. After this period, the invention enters the public domain, and others can use it without restriction.
Conducting a patent search is crucial to determine if your invention is novel and doesn’t infringe on existing patents. It helps you assess the likelihood of obtaining a patent and avoids costly legal issues in the future.

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