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Raise Investment for your Business

Get Easy Access To Funds

1. Coinshell brings you the easy funding options within 7 days of first meet.
2. In-House connections for Angel Investment / Venture Capital or Debt Funds.
3. A to Z support for preparation of financials and other documents during Due Diligence

Raise funds with Coinshell

1. In-House Investment Banking team for carrying out fundraising process
2. Ticket Size of $500k – $10 Mn from Seed to Series funds
3. Assistance over preparation of financials and Due Diligence process

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Our Process

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Frequently Asked Questions?

The time it takes to raise funds varies widely depending on factors like your business model, target audience, and the specific funding source. On average, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, as building investor relationships and conducting due diligence is essential.
Businesses across various sectors, including startups, SMEs, and established companies, can apply for funding. Eligibility criteria often consider factors like the business’s growth potential, revenue model, and market traction.
Due Diligence is an in-depth investigation that potential investors or lenders undertake to assess the financial, operational, legal, and market aspects of your business. It’s a critical step to ensure informed investment decisions and build trust between you and potential funders.
Absolutely. Confidentiality is a priority. Reputable funding platforms and service providers, including Coinshell, prioritize data security and comply with privacy regulations to ensure your company’s information remains confidential.
No worries! Coinshell can assist you in creating a compelling pitch deck that highlights your business’s strengths and opportunities. Our experienced team can work with you to gather the necessary information and craft a visually engaging pitch deck that resonates with potential investors and lenders.
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