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Proprietorship Compliances

Compliance Essentials for Proprietorship Success

Here’s why these compliances are needed:

Legal Adherence: Proprietorship businesses must adhere to local, regional, and national laws to operate legally. Compliance prevents legal issues, penalties, and potential shutdowns due to non-compliance.

Tax Obligations: Meeting tax requirements is essential to avoid fines and legal repercussions. Complying with income tax, GST, and other tax obligations ensures accurate reporting and timely payments.

Financial Accountability: Proper record-keeping and accounting ensure transparency in financial transactions. Compliance enhances credibility and helps in making informed business decisions.

Annual Compliance for Proprietary Firm

1. Get Income Tax Return filing
2. Analysis of Income with Computation
3. Balance Sheet and P/L report when revenue surpasses 50 lacs
4. Audit of accounts donne if revenue surpasses Rs 1cr

Are you a proprietorship business owner aiming for compliance excellence?

Your journey towards responsible and sustainable business practices begins here. We’ve outlined the eligibility criteria to guide you through this important process:
1. Sole Proprietorship: To initiate your compliance journey with us, your business should be a sole proprietorship. This business structure entails a single individual owning and managing the business.
2. Turnover Limit: We’re dedicated to assisting businesses at various scales. Your proprietorship should have a turnover less than 100 crores, reflecting our commitment to supporting businesses of different sizes and potential.
3. Business Age: We understand the importance of nurturing businesses in their early stages. Your business age should be less than 10 years at the time of application. This criterion aligns with our goal of fostering compliance from the outset. Navigating the landscape of compliance can be complex, but our platform is here to simplify the process for you. At Coinshell, we provide you with the tools and insights needed to ensure your proprietorship meets regulatory standards, maintains financial transparency, and operates ethically.

Commence Your Proprietorship Compliance Journey with Confidence!

Your Path to Proprietorship Compliance Success Starts Here

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1. Business should be registered as Pvt ltd company / One person company / LLP / Partnership firm
2. Should have turnover less than 100 cr
3. Business age should be less than 10 years at time of applying

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